In ERGTECH, we see customers as partners. Because we believe that every customer will help us to learn more because they share what they need, share brilliant ideas and give concrete feedback.

We initiate our R&I activities from the real needs of end users and stakeholders. End users can be a single person, society, companies, institutions, public or private organizations, etc. even they ask a turn-key solution we elaborately understand why they need our solutions and how our solution will help them. Sometimes we see alternative solutions and help our partners with customized technologies.


Competition is seen as a driving force to increase the quality. Usually it's true. But things are not that easy if you want to solve all problems by your own. In ERGTECH, we prefer to put our competences on the table and ask other competents to fulfill our technologies. By the way, we can appeal to excellence by the knowledge and experience of other renowned organizations. These organizations might be single experts, academicians, universities, SMEs, large industrial partners, associations, and other public or private organizations.


With our active researchers and close relationships within international projects, we have built fruitful collaborative studies with our European, Japanese and overseas partners. We usually build international partnerships through joint projects and bilateral research activities, as well as offering our technologies as a part of larger system-level solutions. The foremost organizations that we have close collaboration are listed below:

Academicians and Experts

    ETH Zurich, parallel processing, hardware acceleration

    Tokyo University, VLSI Design and Education Centre

Research Organizations & Universities

    Tokyo University, Japan

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

    Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

    SIRRIS, Belgium

    VTT Technical Research Center of Finland

    Institut Mines Telecom, France

Private Organizations

    FCG City Portal Oy, Finland

    FCG Desing and Engineering Ltd. , Finland

    Barco N.V. , Belgium

    Noesis Solutions N.V. , Belgium

    Playsign Oy, Finland

    Studio Dott, Belgium

    Tekla, Finland

    Createlli N.V. , Belgium

    Assar Architects, Belgium

Public Organizations

    Centre d’Informatique pour la Region Bruxelloise, Belgium

    City of Kortrijk, Belgium

    City of Kouvola, Finland

    City of Oulu, Finland